Business Grows When Cash Flows

Blog Posts in December, 2015

  • Working Capital: Know the Basics

    Working capital is defined as the money that you use in your business’ daily operations – usually your existing assets minus any current liabilities. Why Is Working Capital Important? For many businesses, working capital provides the extra financial cushion. While you can still keep your doors open even with negative working capital, you may not be as prepared for emergencies or future ...
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  • Debt Consolidation Tips for Businesses

    Dealing with outstanding loans and payments? Taking control of your business debt is tricky, especially if you are caught in a cash flow trap of using loans to pay off other loans. How do you tackle all of this debt? Debt consolidation may be the answer for you. Understanding Debt Consolidation Debt consolidation is when you take out one loan to pay off all of your existing loans. This ...
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  • Should I Pay Off a Short-Term Loan Early

    Know the Risks of Paying Off a Business Loan Many businesses know what it’s like to take out a short-term loan. These types of loans have relatively short terms, typically anywhere from a couple months to over a year and are repaid daily or weekly. The frequency of repayment means that the interest rates are accelerated, so you may be paying a lot more in interest than you think. But is it ever a ...
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