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Fun Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses on St. Patrick's Day

If there is anything that customers really like, it is a good holiday promotion. With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, now is the time for small business owners to start thinking how they are going to combine celebration with marketing. Do it right and you could get new customers that become repeat customers, no matter what services or goods your business offers.

Check out these clever and easy St. Patty’s Day marketing ideas and see if any catch your eye:

  1. It is easy being green: Most everyone associates St. Patrick’s Day with the color green – if you aren’t wearing this shade, you’re bound to be pinched! Why not get into the fun by saying any customer who is wearing green in your store gets a small percentage off their purchase?
  2. Food of the Irish: Restaurants and bars should get familiar with traditional Irish grub and beverages to create a themed menu on St. Patty’s. Patrons tend to flock to the foreign, as well as anything that makes their holiday experience complete.
  3. Pot o’ gold promotion: Where’s the end of the rainbow? Right there in your small business, of course! You can make a fun contest to win a “pot o’ gold” that people can enter when in your shop or on your website actually on St. Patty’s day. Randomly pick a winner of something fun – could be a big coupon or an item you are already promoting – a week or so later. Most contest promotions cannot legally make purchase necessary to win, so be sure to read up on state and federal business laws first if you have any doubts or questions.
  4. Green is good: Many small businesses have enjoyed sale success on St. Patrick’s Day by offering a discount on anything green. This tactic is especially helpful for any business that is selling clothing. Empty out some of your inventory fast by giving a hearty price drop on green shirts, shoes, purses, phone cases, etc. Maybe even consider giving a bigger percentage off the more a customer spends?
  5. Lucky sale: Not sure what you want to discount, or who exactly can earn it? Nothing beats a storewide sale. Tell customers that it is their lucky day when they walk in because St. Patrick’s Day means a certain percentage off everything for everyone!
  6. Social scene: No matter what marketing device or promotion you choose, get the word out there on social media. Consider Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other popular social media outlets to tell potential customers of the fun going on at your small business. You can also tie social media into a specific St. Patty’s contest, such as “Liking” your post for a chance to win a gift certificate.

St. Patrick’s Day is widely seen as a day of fun and revelry in the United States, so make sure your small business is part of it by creating an interesting promotion. If you want to go big at your small business but need help affording all your marketing ideas, consider applying for a business loan from Green Ocean Solutions, a trusted Los Angeles business loan office. Most people who apply will find out if they are approved within 24 hours, and see the funds transferred to them shortly after. Learn more by contacting us now.