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Small Business Loans in Los Angeles

At Green Ocean Solutions, we help small businesses in Los Angeles and nationwide grow and thrive through our straightforward and hassle-free financing solutions. In today’s cutthroat business environment, you need a partner in growth. We can help take your business to new heights with financing made easy. Learn more about our services below.

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What if I have had a hard time getting a traditional loan through a bank? Will I still qualify?

When traditional loans are a poor fit for you or your business, Green Ocean Solutions offers a full range of financing solutions to help you jumpstart your business. We provide unsecured business loans with different requirements that may fit your business better. Get in touch with one of our funding specialists for help deciding the right funding option for your situation.

What are the chances of getting approved through Green Ocean Solutions?

Our company partners with a large number of funding sources and institutions that is aimed at getting you approved. We have an impressive success rate of over 85% - one of the highest in the industry.

Is collateral required to get a cash advance?

Unlike traditional bank loans, we do not require collateral.

What is the timeframe like to get funded?

Our funding specialists can make cash available to you within 72 hours of the final approval.

How long the application process takes?

When you submit your application, we can respond with a decision in as little as 24 hours!

How does repayment work?

We can arrange payments as a set daily ACH deduction or as a percentage of your credit card sales, depending on what works better for your business.

Am I able to get additional funding before my advance is paid in full?

Yes. When your available financing is below 50% of the original balance, you may request additional funds.

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Business Loans Made Simple

When Banks Say No, We Say Yes

At Green Ocean Solutions, we take the hassle out of expanding your business. We offer a full range of financial products to help you get a tailor-made funding solution, with a repayment plan that fits your business. With a fast and easy approval process, our funding specialists are ready to help you get funded as soon as possible.